My Lab

ladn_iconMy Lab: Laboratory for Affective and Developmental Neuroscience

Lab Director: Dr. Mario Liotti

Lab Manager: Killian Kleffner-Canucci


The Laboratory for Affective and Developmental Neuroscience (LADN) uses a multi-modality approach, employing behavioural measures (e.g. standard neuropsychology tests and cognitive psychology tasks), high-density brain electrical recordings (Event-Related Potentials or ERPs), and functional neuroimaging methods, including Positron Emission Tomography (PET), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), and magnetoencephalography (MEG).

Personal Research Assistants

The following are individuals who have been selectively hired by my self to aid in my behavioral and neuroimaging studies.

Welcome aboard Evan Seabrook (BSc, Computer Science)!

evanHappy to announce I have brought on-board Evan Seabrook as an RA (research assistant). Evan will be in charge of developing and programming behavioral measures (cognitive psychology tasks and scales) for my on-going neuroimaging studies. Evan has obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computing Science at VIU, where he focused in advanced algorithms and mobile computing. He also currently works for Real Estate Webmasters in Nanaimo as a Data Feed Analyst, focusing on big data querying and data normalization.





Laboratory for Affective and Developmental Neuroscience – Research Assistants

Just some of the great research assistants in the LADN lab who have helped with my projects. 

Congratulations and special thanks to Susanna Piasecki and Brendan Torok (RA’s in the LADN lab) for taking the lead and presenting my research for me at NOWCAM 2016, UBC!