In the Media


Featured  on the front page of (2016) – My team launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our latest research project and was featured on the front page!. The support has been amazing, with over 25 backers, and our campaign goal met!







Distinctive Research – Front page Simon Fraser University Political Science Department

Adam keeps a foot in our department, working with Dr. Mark Pickup on a project seeking neurological
evidence that individuals who have incongruencies between their political identities and personal interests
can experience a conflict when making political choices.





VIU Journey Magazine (2016) Vancousdfasdfsadver Island University published their 2016 VIU Journey Magazine fall addition and I was lucky enough to be featured in their success stories for research. Vancouver Island University is a fabulous university to obtain a bachelors degree and prepares students well for graduate school!








Simon Fraser University’s Newspaper, The Peak (2015)

“Using state-of-the-art neurological monitoring devices such as electroencephalography (EEG) recordings of electrical activity along the scalp, Baker monitors test subjects’ reactions to words that stereotype a certain group or gender”







My earnewsly research study on implicit bias and the N400 ERP was featured in SFU’s Graduate Student Research News.

NRGS stands for Neurophysiological Reactions to Gender Stereotypes. Developed by Adam K. Baker, Dr. Mario Liotti, and Dr. Genevieve Fuji-Johnson, this study is the first stage in further understanding the neurophysiological reactions to……