Department of Psychology, SFU

gtI am currently a PhD student in Psychology – specializing in Cognitive & Neural Sciences – at Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Dr. Mario Liotti. My Doctoral research focuses on how neurobiological systems mediate social interactions, as well as exploring neurocomputational models of reinforcement learning. I research these systems by utilizing a multi-modality approach, employing behavioural measures (cognitive psychology tasks), high-density brain electrical recordings (Event-Related Potentials or ERPs), and neurocomputational modeling. Previously, I held a research assistant position at the University of Victoria, Medical Sciences Laboratory in 2013, utilizing  histological and histochemical techniques, brain sectioning micro-imaging, as well as preparing brain section samples for observation under transmitted light. I also held a research assistant position (2013 – 2015) at the Research Center of CHU Saint-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, University of Montreal. Here, I was directly involved in genetic and neuroimaging data coding for a research project investigating reinforcement-related behavior and risk taking in normal brain function and psychopathology in teenagers, and the impact of single and double paracingulate sulci on cognition. I was also an active delegate in the Vancouver Island University Model United Nations club focusing on social inequality, spread of infectious diseases in conflict zones, and nuclear weapons policy.  

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Recent Research Updates….

My research dbiaseals with many social constructs, all of which are easy enough to understand. However, the manner in which I research these constructs is very complex and technical; which has limited exposure to this type of research in the past. I am committed to translating my complex technical research in a creative and fun way to ensure individuals inside and outside of academia can understand and appreciate. I am a firm believer that if you cannot explain your research simply, you don’t know it well enough. By working with graphic artists and utilizing my previous experience in animation and web design, I have created interdisciplinary educational tools in the form of art work and graphical animation videos.

To get an idea, click HERE to read more, or watch the animation video we created below that explains one of our research projects.